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Planning Your Church Wedding


After the initial excitement of a new engagement, the future bride and groom realize they have a lot of planning to do and decisions to make. How soon do we want to get married? How big will our wedding be? What kind of wedding do we want? Where will we be married?


If the “where” includes a desire for a church ceremony, there are many things to consider, well ahead of the big day. Couples who are affiliated with a church should speak with the pastor, church musicians and any others who will be a part of orchestrating the day, such as the church wedding coordinator or sexton, before beginning other plans for a target date. Verifying the availability of your church and personnel first will prevent backtracking on other plans due to a date conflict.


Likewise, couples who will be seeking a church in which to hold their ceremony should make that search a priority. Many churches may consider offering their services to couples who are not church members, but often there are requirements that must be met. All of this takes time, and some churches may be booked over a year in advance. The search for the right church should include some research on the specific beliefs and doctrine of any church a couple is considering, to make clear the church’s policies on what will or will not be allowed in a ceremony. Indeed, today’s couples may be looking for something a little different, or they themselves may be a little different, than couples in decades past.


In 2015, marriage equality is at the forefront in many states, including New York, and weddings are changing too. Every couple should take the time to plan the special day that suits them and their lifestyle, whether it be a simple ceremony with close family, or an elaborate affair for hundreds. A church ceremony can be a very special part of that celebration. If a church setting is part of your plans, you are encouraged not to underplay it, but make it your first priority. It will be the foundation on which to build your perfect day.


Article submitted by Pilgrim Memorial United Church of Christ



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